by taniamiller, May 21, 2017 , In Anniversaries

25th Silver Wedding Anniversary Party

Sometimes as a photographer you have the pleasure of being on hand to photograph special occasions of  loved ones.  This occasion happened to be the 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary of my gorgeous brother and sister-in-law last weekend.  They didn’t want a fuss so had just arranged a get-together at their lovely home for available family and friends. Sadly some don’t live in the UK & others had absconded on holiday!

A fabulous evening was had by all and the dining room turned into a dance floor by the end of the night. The weather had sadly taken a turn for the worse and was raining so everyone had to stay indoors.  That certainly didn’t stop the fun, fabulous food and gret association. I missed the apparently hysterically funny sucking of helium out of balloons by the end of the night!

It doesn’t seem possible that these two gorgeous people have been together for 25 years (they were very young when they married!)  I love them both very much and wish them every happiness in the NEXT 25 years to come!


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