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8-day old Baby Jasmine

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the home of Amanda and Steve to photograph the new addition to their family.  Baby Jasmine was 8 days old so we had arranged a newborn photoshoot plus some group family photos.  After the delivery, mum had to stay in hospital for a few days.  They had therefore only been home a couple of days.

I always advise expectant mums to arrange their newborn shoot prior to baby being born.  You cannot guarantee dates but I am very happy to be flexible.  Baby Jasmine was absolutely adorable throughout the few hours I spent with the family.  She was very sleepy and easy to pose – which isn’t always the case.  Some babies are far more alert and difficult to pose so the sooner we arrange the photoshoot, the better.  They become less sleepy and more alert after about ten days.  I always suggest to mum that she feed up baby prior to the session so they are in a milky, sleepy stupour!

The photo session went really well. Little Jasmine was beautiful and big sister Kourtney seems quite taken with her new baby sister!

Congratulations mum and dad on your new arrival and I wish you every happiness bringing up your beautiful girls.

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    • Shani
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    • April 13, 2016

    Beautiful ! Precious moments.

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