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Baby Krithvik’s One Year Party

Last weekend I travelled to The Holiday Inn off Junction 32 in Cardiff with my photographer daughter Sabina. I was meeting up with a lovely family I’ve had the pleasure of working with on several previous occasions. When baby Krithvik was six days old I had the privilege of doing a newborn session with him. I then attended a baby-naming ceremony when he was a few months old. He is now a year old and mum and dad were celebrating with a party for family and friends. Some had travelled from as far afield as Chelmsford and Kent for the occasion.

I was so delighted to see Baby Krithvik when he arrived with Gran & Gramps. He had grown so much and now has a headful of gorgeous black curls! He looked adorable in his little black trousers and red jacket. The room soon started to fill with lots of other families and their gorgeous children. Much thought had gone into the evening with a popcorn and candyfloss table which most of the little ones were drawn to! A children’s entertainer arrived who soon had them all enthralled with his mischief! Capturing expressions and personalities of children at this age is so precious. You can’t expect small children to sit and pose for you. Therefore following them with a camera and zoom lens can ensure some very natural images.

A wonderful meal had been organised with delicious smelling indian food. After the meal, Baby Krithik’s mum, aunt and big cousin Snicky did a lovely dance. his big brother Kritin aged five and some other little friends also had a go – I was very impressed! Snicky then did a beautiful solo dance. As the night wore on, the ladies took it on themselves to have some of their own fun. They played a musical chairs game, then another game where they had to tie threads into knots – there were small trophies for the winners! Great fun was had by all at Baby Krithvik’s party and the children were so well behaved. I’m sure you’ll agree from the images below how adorable they all are: 🙂

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