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Bluebell Photoshoot

This week I met up with a gorgeous local family who have been previous clients of mine. Six months ago I did a newborn photoshoot for Laura and Jamie’s youngest daughter Sofia. She is now six months old. I didn’t get to meet her two older sisters at the time as they were both in school. Laura had booked a package of three separate sessions. Now that Sofia is able to sit up unaided, Laura requested an outdoor family session. This time of year the bluebells are out so I suggested a bluebell photoshoot in some local woods. The woods are literally down around the corner from where I live. Laura and Jamie drove to me and we all walked down together with daddy carrying baby Sofia.

Within minutes we had walked deeper into the woods to find a flatter expanse of stunning bluebells. I had taken one of my newborn prop baskets with me to place Sofia in. With a planned outdoor photoshoot, we are obviously reliant on good weather. We were very fortunate the weather remained lovely. The light is constantly changing but the sun was streaming in through the trees. The girls were absolute angels. I’d suggested wearing their wellies into the woods so mum had brought a change of shoes. They were eager to get started and were so good with everything I suggested. Mum and dad are blessed with three gorgeous little models! Whilst editing, I was in awe that Laura and Jamie look far too young to be parents to these three little beauties!

Arranging a Bluebell Photoshoot

If you would like to arrange a bluebell photoshoot or family session for your loved ones, please contact Tania on 07890 395732 or email: Children get bored quickly so thirty minutes to an hour is usually ample.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me from the photos below, Laura and jamie have an adorable little family. I shall very much look forward to their next session later in the year!

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