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Coco the Daschund

Let’s all just say “awwwwww”!  Don’t we absolutely love our pets?  They can bring immense joy to a family and be a faithful, loyal friend for years to come.  I heard of the exciting new arrival of Coco the Daschund and how her new family were smitten with her.  She is now approximately 16 weeks old and settling in beautifully.

They say “never work with children and animals” but I love both – and they make great photos!  I decided to attempt a ‘newborn-style’ photo-shoot with Coco and in fairness she behaved very well!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a puppy with such amazing green-coloured eyes!  Just like our children, our pets grow quickly too (although I don’t think Coco will grow much more!)  It’s therefore a fab idea to have them photographed when they are small and super-cute!

Pet Photography

If you would like to book a session to have your beloved pet photographed, please contact Tania Miller Photography. Tel: 07890 395732 or email: Prices start from £65.

Coco is absolutely adorable and I’m sure you will agree when you see the photos below:


    • Emma Alm
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    • December 31, 2017

    Lovely pics, so sweet. Tania was fab and Coco loved her, she brought loads of props and was very patient to capture some good puppy moments, I'm glad I organised this now as the time frame to capture little ones is so small!!

      • taniamiller
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      • January 1, 2018

      Thank you Em ... beautiful kids and gorgeous puppy! Was a really fun session! :) x

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