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Newborn session with 11 day old Baby Oliver

Last Friday I drove to Abergavenny with my car loaded down with newborn props. I was looking forward to meeting the very lovely Kirsty and partner John plus the new arrival.  Baby Oliver was already 11 days old and nre grandparents had arranged the newborn session as a gift.  Their much loved family pet Bella was determined to get in on the act! She seemed very protective of the new arrival which was adorable!  We were joined by the very proud grand-parents Mark and Debbie. Despite every attempt by all of us to persuade little Oliver to go to sleep, he was incredibly alert and very nosy! He remained awake for most of the time & just had a very quick cat-nap now and again!

Neverheless, he made a fabulous little model and I hope you’ll enjoy viewing some of the images from his newborn session below.  It’s incredible how quickly newborns change so capturing them at this age is very precious … they don’t stay tiny for long!

Booking a Newborn Photoshoot:

If you would like to arrange a newborn session for yourselves or a member of your family, please see my dedicated newborn page. Ideally it needs to be booked before the baby is born or as soon as baby arrives.  The ideal time for the session is between 5 and 10 days old whilst baby is still womb-like and sleepy!  At that tender age, their bones are sill very soft and supple to pose them in the way I do.  After two weeks, the bones start to harden and baby is far less sleepy and more alert.

Kirsty looked amazing considering she had just had a baby with a lovely little home and flowers on the window-sill.  Congratulations Kirsty and John on the new arrival to your family … and I trust you won’t suffer too much from the broken nights! 🙂

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    • April 25, 2017

    Arrh lovely pictures. One proud antie.Well done both he is a buite. Love you loads Antie Mel &Doug xx

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