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Newborn Session with Baby Elsie-Grace

Just over a week ago I travelled to the home of Rhiannon who had booked me for a newborn session.  Her daughter Lauren had given birth to her beautiful new grand-daughter Elsie-Grace. The baby was 9 lbs 6oz born (by C-section) so had the most gorgeous chubby cheeks!  Also at home was Rhiannon’s great nephew – 10 month old Luca.  I met Luca a few months ago at another event.  He is like an adopted grandson to Rhiannon as she loves to have him stay regularly.  The baby was very alert as if knowing something was going-on so took a while to settle.  This gave me opportunity not only to photograph Luca, but Laura’s gorgeous little pup Candy.  The dog was SO placid and really made me chuckle.  After Luca had crawled away from me photographing him on a rug, Candy deposited herself there!  It was almost as if she was saying “my turn now please”!  So adorable!

Little Elsie-Grace finally went off to sleep and we were then able to pose her in a variety of little tutu’s and hairbands etc.  Rhiannon, new mum Lauren and new aunty Chloe were a great help!  Generally once the babies are finally asleep, they tend to stay quite malleable and easy to pose.  However, once they get a bit older (over two weeks old) this becomes more problematic as they can be much more alert and wriggly.

Booking a Newborn Photoshoot:

If you are an expectant mum-to-be or have a relative/close friend that you want to arrange a surprise newborn session for, please don’t hesitate to cotact me.  I do gift vouchers that you can print off to present at a baby shower if one is being organised.  Please email: or call: 07890 395732. Details of sessions are on the dedicated Newborn page of this website.

I’m sure you’ll agree from the images below, Elsie-Grace, Luca and even Candy the dog are all gorgeous!  Congratulations to this lovely family on the safe arrival of a beautiful new baby girl 🙂



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