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Newborn session with baby Krithvik

This week I was delighted to attend a newborn session with baby Krithvik along with his lovely family in Rogerstone.  Dad was home on paternity leave and they were joined by Aunty and two cousins visiting from London.  In addition, baby’s grandma had flown over from India to visit for the birth of her new grandson.

Little Krithvik was 10 lb in weight born by caesarean section last week and at 6 days old was adorable!  He was so good and didn’t seem to object at all to the wrapping and changing for the various poses!  I do my best to ensure each newborn session is unique to that particular family. If possible I like to incorporate something that is special to them.  I asked if they had anything that could possibly be used to identify baby Ktithvik’s indian heritage. Aunty went and brought down a selection of indian scarves which were lovely.

Krithvik’s big brother Kritin aged four was less agreeable to being posed. His visiting cousin was also only 19 months old but so gorgeous!  It’s not easy to pose little ones as they don’t sit still for two seconds! Therefore it’s often best to try and catch candid shots of them at that age otherwise stresses them out. However with big sisters help, I managed to get some lovely photographs of all four of these gorgeous children. I hope they now have some lovely memories to look back on.

Swathi and Jag … a huge congratulations on producing another beautiful boy!  I wish your family every happiness as the boys grow older and hope I get to see you again at some point in the future.



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