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Newborn session with Baby Olivia

On Monday I was delighted to visit the home of 10 day new baby Olivia.  A newborn session had been purchased as a gift from mum Laura’s lovely colleagues as she left for her maternity leave.  Mum and dad lived just a few minutes down the road from me so I took all my props along to their house.

Mum settled Olivia well with a good feed (we try our best to get baby punch-drunk on milk!)  It always amazes me though that babies seem to instinctively know when something is going on.  Every so often Olivia would have one eye open watching me and gently dozing pretending to be asleep!  However she behaved beautifully and did finally snooze to allow me to pose her.  A few days earlier, the umbilical stump had mostly dropped off but she still had a little residue in her tummy button.

Newborn Photography Sessions:

Are you expecting yourself or have a family member or colleague that is?  If you would like to purchase or gift a newborn session (gift vouchers available), please don’t hesitate to contact Tania for a chat on 07890 395732 or email:

Congratulations to Tom and Laura on producing your first beautiful baby.   As she even has dad’s matching forehead birthmark there will be no losing her! I’m sure everyone will agree she is the most adorable little poppet.  I hope you’ll enjoy viewing a few photos below from Olivia’s newborn session:

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