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Tiny Tilly

Last weekend I had the immense pleasure of going to meet a tiny 6 day old baby girl named Matilda (‘Tilly’ for short). I wnted to try my hand at various newborn poses I had in mind for this precious little one.  However little Tilly had other things on her mind!

The newborn photoshoot is always ruled by needs of the baby and is very unhurried.  I always advise mum before a photo session try and to feed up baby into a sleepy stupor!  Mum Emily had a beautiful little newborn tutu she hoped to use during the photo-shoot.  Unfortunately Tilly wasn’t having any of it!  She was one of the youngest (at 6 days) but most alert babies I’ve tried to photograph!  She absolutely loved being snuggled up in the beautiful blanket knitted by her Nanny Julia.  However, each time we hoped she’d dropped off and attempted to un-swaddle her, she was wide awake!  I seriously felt like she was watching me the whole time and eyeing me up as if to say “what d’you think you’re up to”!  It was rather amusing so therefore turned into more of a ‘Lifestyle’ shoot.

I’m sure you’ll agree however, that this gorgeous little one is every bit as beautiful. Despite the fact we are unable to get the little tutu poses we’d hoped to achieve!  Introducing Miss Tilly and her very proud (but thoroughly exhausted) mum and dad:

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