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Wedding at Hunter Lodges for Suzanna & Christian

Last week I travelled to the Celtic Manor resort with my daughter and fellow photographer Sabina. We were looking forward to meeting Suzanna and Christian who were staying at Hunter Lodges. These luxury lodges within the Celtic Manor resort are available to stay in but also licensed for marriages! As Sabina and I drove past the hotel, we kept driving … and driving! I was flabbergasted that there was so much more to the resort than I had ever seen before! The views were absolutely stunning. It was a gorgeous afternoon and I was already excited to know we would get some great photos!

Suzanna and Christian have already been together for 30 years (hard to believe when you meet them!) They have a ten year old daughter Isabella who was to be their bridesmaid. They had actually planned a fab holiday to Dubai and the Maldives when Christian mentioned to Suzanna he wished he was taking her as his wife. Hence the idea of finally getting married came to fruition! They wanted to keep it as a surprise so only a very select handful of close friends and family were told (& invited!) They stayed in a couple of the lodges the night before. The ceremony wasn’t until 5pm so Sabina and I arrived at 3pm to do pre-wedding photos of the girls getting ready. It really was the most fabulous, relaxed and laid-back wedding ever!

The lovely staff transformed Lodge 2 (Swanky Swallow) in preparation for the ceremony. Suzanna and Isabella looked gorgeous in their dresses. The bride was walked to her waiting husband-to-be by her dad. It was a really lovely ceremony halted very briefly when Christian nervously dropped Suzanna’s wedding ring! When all the legal bits were over, we headed out into the late afternoon sunshine for photos. The staff were then transforming Lodge 2 back into the homely lodge it previously was. The newlyweds and guests therefore all headed over to Lodge 3 for drinks. The weather was utterly gorgeous – we couldn’t have wished for a nicer afternoon.

At 7pm, the newlyweds and all their guests were being ferried to the Newbridge on Usk. This is another lovely venue owned by The Celtic Manor resort and where they had chosen to have their reception. At this point Sabina and I had to say our goodbyes. The happy couple are now enjoying their amazing holiday turned honeymoon with Isabella! We wish them every happiness for their continuing future life together and hope you enjoy the pics below:

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