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Wedding of Jade & Kieron in Pontypool

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting Jade and Kieron for the very first time at the Pontypool Register Office.  I always meet my brides and grooms beforehand, but on this occasion, Kieron had only called the previous weekend.  He had arranged the wedding with Jade in just three weeks and hence didn’t have a photographer. I was shocked and impressed at the same time so managed to move things around so I could be with them for a few hours.   At least I could record the most important bits of their wedding day.

I met Kieron first at the Civic Centre with all the lads including their two year old son Jaden. The registrar then whispered to me that Jade had sneaked in via a different entrance.  Off I went to meet Jade for the very first time!  I was delighted to see she was absolutely beautiful and looked amazing in her gown.

Jade’s Uncle Shaun gave her away accompanied by her little sister Carly as bridesmaid.  Kieron’s dad, stepmum and little sisters had flown all the way over from Sweden for their wedding. This was so lovely considering it had all been booked and organised so quickly.  After the ceremony, we walked across the road to the beautiful Pontypool Park.  One of the entrances to this hidden gem of a park is directly opposite the Civic Centre.  We managed to get all the photos we needed just before it started to rain.  The couple were heading back to Jade’s mum’s for a while before going on to their venue for the reception and later that evening spending the night at The Parkway Hotel in Cwmbran.

Jade and Kieron, you did incredibly well organising everything as you did in a very short space of time.  I wish you both every possible happiness in the years to come.  You already have a beautiful son and welcome an exciting new addition to your family by the end of the year.  I hope everything goes well and will hopefully see you again in the future and watch your family grow 🙂

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